Lakme Fashion Week Winter / Festive 2019

Royalty has always inspired art and all its kind since time immemorial. The grandeur of aristocracy has influenced every facet of creative enterprise, especially where style is in expression. Majestically lives swathed in yards of flowing luxury hold visions of ethereal forms dressed in finery speaking of a legacy that continues to date.

The magnificent charm and the opulent eras of the rulers are captured artistically in a collection reviving of musings of heritage and extravagance. Ethno-vintage ensembles comprising of lehangas paired with peplum blouses, saris married to mandarin collared blouses, gowns and pre-stitched saris, spell nobility, and soft, strategically placed pleats evoke a regal nostalgia. This elegant line has the designer introducing the ancient art of Dabka wherein intricate embroideries elucidate symbols of nature like flowers, birds and animals painstakingly worked upon with metallic threads to depict the printed patterns lending a royal touch to the silhouettes. Highlighting in this thematic line is the merger of exquisite draping blending into pleats that stand out amidst sheer layering. The drapes are gently held by pins a la Rajwada style.

Conceptualized in crepe, jacquard and tulle, and dyed in shades of plum, bamboo, misty jade, mulled grape and tropical green, this collection defines sublime sophistication and brings an aura of grace and grandiose to the discerning Fashionista’s wardrobe.

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