\ Calantha 2010 | Kavita Agarwal


Lumen A La Page

Couture connoisseurs welcome the lovers of light. The prospect of incandescence surely seem refulgent. As luminosity is never gloomy. The sustained assertion of glamour gospel since style genesis, installed this impression. The sprightly might of light has always beckoned modish mortals. Get to know that chandeliers are made to propose its beholder to visualize the potency and allure of light.

This sparkling visual medium infallibly transfigured anything from modest to magnificent. It ignited desires of insatiable magnitude. Fashion too certainly is no exception. The homosapien psyche always considered everything under the impact of invincible illumination larger than life and a desirable proposition.

Attempt spying dames who are up for this shimmering game. Designer couture and entrancing ensembles across the faddish window displays under the glint of gleaming effulgence bestirred many a stargazer.

This chirag-e-roshan collection is charismatically conceptualized to dissipate glimmer in all its glory with ornately embellished jackets, blouses. beaming bustlers and corsets adorned with shimmering beads and Swarovski crystals embedded on gorgeous georgettes, natty nets and blingy brocades interspersed in a marvelous medley of colors like off-whites, creams and glittering gold.

There is no radiance like iridescence.

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