When you talk about 'confidence,' the first thing that comes to our minds is class and elegance. Women, who are all about confidence, charming beauty, fashion, and style comes secondary to them. With the fashion industry at its peak in the country today, females have myriad options to adorn themselves in different silhouettes and staples. Also, several outstanding designers make exquisite fashion couture, which undoubtedly makes any women a goddess but the ingredient to look extraordinary and high-end lies in the amount of confidence you carry and X-factor you possess.

Every woman’s ultimate guide to choosing the perfect outfit for any occasion

Dress to impress – any day and anytime.

Not as easy as it sounds, we have all faced the dilemma of choosing the best outfit for a given occasion. A perfectly put-together look lifts up the spirit and boosts self-confidence. Creating a good first impression might even land you a better job and take you closer to accomplishing your goals. Remember that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to dressing for every occasion.

So here are some tips to help you avoid standing by the wardrobe for hours every day and to ace every look. The perfect outfit for every occasion works on the basis of three factors – Style, Colour and Comfort.


"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." — Rachel Zoe

Styling is compiling what is in fashion at the moment and personalizing it to suit the event. Pick an outfit that aligns with the season and the fashion trends. At the same time, you need not wear a style you don’t like. The next hurdle is to decide whether it suits the occasion.

Whilst you might want to go on the glittery side for a wedding or a party, tone it down for interviews and official settings. Cater to the dress code so that you do not stand out only in the best way.


The colours have to be in the right places and not clash with each other. Do not pick colours that are too similar and keep it pleasant for the eyes. Bright colours draw attention. So wear dark colours on the top and light on the bottom.

Choose the colour of the outfit based on your skin and hair colour as well. If you are wearing patterns like checks or diagonal stripes, try to have a single colour over all the patterns.

Ensure that the colour of your choice is appropriate for the occasion. It is still a NO to wearing white for the wedding in many cultures. Choose the best colour and you have almost nailed the perfect look.


"The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress." — Hubert de Givenchy

The look is not complete if you are not confident in your outfit. From dresses to shoes, choose what you are most comfortable in. An outfit is not suitable for an occasion if you do not enjoy wearing it. Find the right balance between fashion and comfort.

If you are choosing outfits for a holiday outing, take the weather into consideration and choose the fabric that keeps you cozy. Sacrificing warmth and comfort for fashion will not give you the desired effects.

Endnote: Choose wisely

“The joy of dressing is an art”. The more you enjoy putting your outfit together, the more you will be better at it. Keep experimenting with different looks while you can so that you can become your own style icon.

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Style Guide: Let your wedding outfit stand out with these 5 easy customization ideas

"Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting. It's a process-a memory in the making"- Olivelli

Every Bride-to-be looks for the most ravishing outfit when it comes to her wedding day. But one must understand that it's not only the outfit but also the small details that need to be taken care of to achieve that look perfect. Thus women must make a list of customization that will help their outfit stand out.

The wedding outfit is all about self-love and is often expressive of one's personal style; hence customization is a must. Every moment spent in designing and customizing the outfit eventually becomes the most beautiful memory.

"A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman- it must reflect the personality and style of the bride"-Carolina Herrera.

Customization Guide For Bride-To-Be

If you dream of looking an ultimate charmer on your wedding day and leave everyone awe-struck then given below are the fascinating customizations that will provide a sense of composition and fill your special moment with joy and happiness when you walk down that aisle:


The red color was the first choice when it came to selecting the wedding outfits earlier but not today. Metallic and serene pastels are now the most preferred choices. Many celebrities and other brides are now customizing their bridal outfit color and designs based on their wedding theme. The color customization can also depend on skin tone and season. Some of the colors that made an impact recently are blue &pista green, pink & peach, indigo & ice, ivory etc. Colors can be combined with customized embroidery and embellishments to complete the overall look.


Customization works not only on the outside lavish look but also considers the inside comfort factor. Thus, the fabric can be one of the significant factors. Though the wedding day is the most important moment for a woman, it can be equally exhausting with so many rituals and long hours at the reception area. Thus selecting a suitable fabric can be a game changer. Therefore, every woman must choose a fabric based on the season and their body type. Choose velvet or brocade in case of winter and organza, georgette or silk for summers. There are myriad of options when it comes to fabrics, thanks to the hard-working designers.


Don't settle for a blouse that's plain and basic. Do good research on designs and find something that's unique. The neckline alone can steal all the limelight so play around and select the one that suits you well. Even the back designs can be customized with a wedding symbol such as a doli blouse. Latkans are also a great edition. The ones made with dainty embellishments and beautiful fabrics can totally enhance the overall look.

Costume Jewelry

Jewelry and costume jewelry is different. Costume jewelry can evolve or become a part of the costume itself while wearing thus giving a unique appearance. This way you can control the ensemble and color balance. This can be embellished, or metallic depends upon your comfort.


Personalization on lehenga with small scripts can be a great way of customization. It could include the holy chants, initials, wedding date or name of bride and groom. This will surely attract the attention of every visitor who will attend your wedding.

What's your idea of customization?

Customization can occur at a different level. It could be as per trends or based on something that's very personal. Thus, prefer the ones that absolutely suit your body-type and most importantly make feel happy and wonderful when you finally wear it and make it to your special day.

How fashion and trend should be for women?

As a woman, it is essential to be comfortable and confident in what you wear. For this, knowing your uniqueness and letting that talk on your behalf is imperative. Know what your style is and stay true to that. In a world where people are crazy about following different trends, stick to classic pieces that will make you rule the roost and complement your style. Find out what flatters your body or which color complements you the best. Is it an LBD? Or an aesthetic embroidered dress?

It could be even as simple and basic as a black tee and denim. Giving importance to your own style rather than following trends will take your confidence to an extra oomph. One should always dress as per their mood and shouldn't care about what others will think. Your staple should be an extension of your personality and not be guided by someone else's choices. It should solely be your decision, and the choices you make in terms of outfits, colors, accessories, etc. should talk about your personal charm and aura. When a woman is confident, it is reflected in the way she talks and the way she carries herself.

A woman becomes irresistible when she has figured out her comfort zone in the dynamic world of fashion. A woman is graceful when her sense of style is very well known to her.

Tips to carry yourself when you dress up

Here are a few tips that you can adapt to spill confidence in every attire you wear.

An EndNote

While style is utterly subjective, confidence is the key to ace any outfit. Apart from following these tips, always think that you are a queen wearing an invisible crown on your head.

How to choose a wedding outfit that defines you?

Women often daydream about their wedding outfits. The visual consists of the particular specifics that start with color to intricate design details. Sometimes the very thought of picking that dream dress can be a huge task.

As it is an exceptional dress and the most expensive one in the girl's closet, you never get the prospects to actually try it before. So you may feel the all-inclusive pressure on you, for your "once in a lifetime" look. A woman feels this selection is difficult considering the pictures as the memories she will keep with her are for lifetime.

So, we have made a list of certain tried and tested rules, which if you follow will revolutionize your whole discernment. It's not that boring book of rules but some fascinating point that you can consider while shortlisting the look of "the wedding day."

Tips for choosing that ‘perfect' wedding outfit

The wedding day is special, and every woman wants to look picture perfect. But one must realize that it's not really about what's in trend but what looks best on you and how comfortably you can carry it.

Right from fabric selection and color to style and pattern (fitted or flare), a lot of factors have to be considered. Thus, to make the process easier, here are ten tips, which will help you choose that one ‘special dress' that genuinely defines you:

1. Do a little research. Figure out what truly motivates you. It can be a theme, a color or a particular style that you love. Keep collecting visual references from stores or online till your point of satisfaction.

2. Love your skin color & size and shop accordingly, don't go against the measurements.

3. As per your size, figure out the silhouette and compliment it with the right undergarments.

4. Shop in time; always keep enough time for alterations and value additions.

5. In case the outfit is as per wedding theme, make sure the theme is decided in time so that you can focus on your look and also, plan your budget accordingly.

6. You can even approach designers to design your wedding look. This way your look will always be exclusive.

7. Be very clear on how you want to look. It could be a classic, retro or a modern look. Make sure you stick to it throughout.

8. Put a timeline for exploring the wedding outfit shopping. Start at least two months prior.

9. If your wedding is traditional, choose a heavy material, as they will hold the selected silhouette for longer hours.

10. Always carry heels you are willing to wear on the day of the wedding while trying the dresses. So you can have a complete look before your actual day.

Stay calm to make the right choice

The best wedding dress for any woman is the one that she can carry confidently. So, take your time and choose an outfit by embracing every part of you. That will be the aptest selection.

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